OneRepublic – Native



I spoke briefly about my love of Ryan Tedder a few posts back. I think he is an amazing musician, artist, songwriter, everything. If he wasn’t married, I would definitely be going for him. I respect him for making straight bubblegum pop songs for the masses to make his living, but also making the music he wants to make with OneRepublic because it serves as his own personal creative outlet. Of course, most people know OneRepublic because of “Apologize” and “Stop and Stare” but even their album cuts that never made it to radio are amazing.


Native is OneRepublic’s third album and leans a little more pop than their previous two albums. Lots of big pop productions over Ryan’s catchy as shit melodies that make you want to dance but also ponder the meaning of life provides for a deathly combination. People ask me why I love OneRepublic so much. As a band, they’ve never been hugely successful in the pop world minus their few big songs that hit radio and they never really caught on in the rock world either. But I love them because the songs make me feel something. Something about the way that Ryan Tedder fits the words into the melodies that creates this atmospheric, sonic sound that isn’t a generic pop song but isn’t a rock song either. In my ears the songs almost sound like they’re floating, and when they float they take me with them.

OneRepublic – Native (Interscope Records, 2013)

Singles: Feel Again, If I Lose Myself

Songs to dance to: If I Lose Myself, I Lived, Something I Need, Life In Color

Songs to cry to: What You Wanted, Can’t Stop, Last (Au Revoir)

Sarah’s Top 5: Burning Bridges, Feel Again, Counting Stars, Can’t Stop, Something I Need (Bonus: I Lived, Life In Color)

Fun Facts: 1) Each of the animals on the album art represents a different band member. 2) Part of the proceeds of “Feel Again” were donated to the Save The Children charity. 3)  Tedder co-wrote every song on the album minus Counting Stars which he wrote all by his lonesome.

My personal favorite off of the entire album without a doubt is Track 9, Burning Bridges. The first time I heard the song I kind of just stopped what I was doing and froze. The lyrics really hit me. Like really hit me. So much that I already made a painting for my wall. Thank you to OneRepublic for another album full of amazing songs not just about relationships, but about life. Thank you.

Burning Bridges


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