I Need You


i need you

The three words that are hardly ever said, but thought of constantly. Why is that? Why can’t we as humans just admit that sometimes we need someone? I’ll be the first in line to admit I hardly ever say those three terrifying words. Saying those words makes you vulnerable, makes you feel like you’ve lost control of something and you need someone else to fix it for you.

So we never say them.

Instead we say “no it’s fine you really don’t have to come.” But sometimes as a friend, you have to make the executive decision to ignore what someone else is saying and get in the car and go to them anyways. Sometimes, you’ll be at the post office and instead of taking the turn to go home, you’ll take the turn to get on the freeway instead. You’ll show up at their apartment because in your heart you know they didn’t mean what they were saying when they said “I’m fine.” They’ll be so happy you came and you’ll know that it was all worth it to make the drive to go to them.

Sometimes it’s nice just to have someone to sit with you on the couch. You don’t really have to talk, it’s just nice to have a body next to you. It’s nice to know that if you want to talk, someone will listen to you. If you want to sit in silence, they can do that too. Or sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone to take your mind off of everything even if it’s just for a few hours.

There are very few friends in my life who I trust with my whole heart. Who I can tell everything to and know they will never judge me no matter how stupid or petty something might be. They just love and accept me for who I am and I am beyond thankful for them. So when someone I love just might possibly need me for something, I will go to them. I’ll take the wrong turn home from the post office and drive to them instead. Maybe you get all the way to where they are and they don’t want you to be there and that’s fine. But maybe you get there and they couldn’t be happier that you showed up because that’s exactly what they needed. When that person needs something like that from me, I’m more than happy to give it to them because at the end of the day they’re too important to me to not do that for them.

Chances are, you’ll be really glad you made the drive.


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