It’s Tuesday But Feels Like Wednesday


I’ve got a bad case of the Wednesday’s today. I just feel like blaaaaaah and don’t want to do anything other than empty out my DVR and watch the 12 episodes of Duck Dynasty that are sitting in my que. I’ve been a little out of it the past few days so instead of making a real post, I’m going to list off a few of the weird things that have happened to me. Okay? Okay.

  • The man at CVS who rang me up at 8:30am gave me a terrified look when all I bought was tampons and said “I hope you have a really great day at work miss.” Why THANK YOU SIR, I’LL PASS ON THAT MESSAGE TO MOTHER NATURE AS WELL. Men are seriously terrified of a woman on her period. It’s hilarious.
  • I thought Monday was Tuesday and made a wrong reservation for someone at my work. Thankfully someone caught my error of stupidity.
  • I’m having a country music phase right now. You can go listen to my current obsessions on my “Hey Y’all” playlist on Spotify.
  • I sang Toxic at karaoke this past weekend. No need to elaborate on that.
  • I finally got a new iPhone. Siri is kind of stupid. Apparently, “order my cap and gown” translates to “order my capping down” in Siri language.
  • The best kind of people show up at 7:30pm at the 99 cent store. That is all.
  • I’m getting my hair cut on Thursday. Sorry to those who follow me on Pinterest, you’re getting bombarded with a lot of photos of hair.
  • My new jam is this song. Kimberly Perry is an absolute badass. They SLAYED at the ACM’s this past weekend. Energy was through the roof. This song is going to be a huge single for them, let it be known that I’m calling it now.
  • I made pasta for dinner last night. It’s been a while since I made pasta and I forgot you usually don’t cook the whole bag in one sitting. But I did. So now I have a giant tupperwear of pasta that will probably last me for 2 weeks. If anyone’s hungry, come over for dinner. Please.

Here’s this just because it might be my favorite GIF of all time.

little girl gives no fucks 

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