Sara Bareilles – Brave


Sara Bareilles Brave

When Sara Bareilles came out with “Love Song” in 2007 I fell in love with her. Since then, I’ve bought all of her albums (even have the second one on vinyl). I think she’s an amazing songwriter and a genuine artist which is hard to find nowadays.

She recently posted this blog talking about her experiences in 2012 saying that they were some of the most trying times of her life, describing them as “heartbreaking, terrifying and breathtaking all at the same time.” In the blog she explains that she’s found that when she speaks up for herself, she feels empowered and shocked at the courage she didn’t even know she had. Her new album is due out this summer, the new tour appropriately titled Brave Enough starts in a few weeks and the audio for her new single, “Brave” just came out yesterday.

“Brave” starts out sounding kind of OneRepublic-ly and different sonically that what she usually does. Maybe it isn’t the catchiest song she’s ever released, but you know what? I’m in love with it because lyrically it’s everything I wanted it to be. Simple, yet effective. Just say what you want to say, and be brave. I think it’s going to be my new anthem for the summer. And maybe just for life in general. Because we all do need to be a little bit more brave and say things honestly. I think my new summer goal is going to be to work on this whole “being brave” thing. I talk a pretty good game but my execution could use a little work.

“Say what you wanna say. And let the words fall out, honestly.”


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