confessions 1

If you could post a private confession in public with no one knowing it was you, would you?

Last summer at The Cosmo in Vegas, an art exhibition titled Confessions came to life. The concept is simple: write your confession on a wooden plaque while concealed in a booth and then drop it in a slot. The confessions are then hung on the wall in the gallery and no one has anyway of knowing who is who. Over 1500 confessions were displayed on the wall ranging from shocking to sarcastic to heartbreaking.

confessions 2

When anonymity is involved, people are much more willing to open up. Especially when they know other people around them are spilling secrets too.

After reading about the gallery, I thought to myself for a few days, “what would I write on the plaque?” Something heartbreaking? Or something tragic? Or maybe a deep dark fear? I have a few ideas, but nothing I’m ready to admit publicly just yet.

Today I challenge those of you reading this to think about what you might write on your wooden plaque. And going back to yesterday’s post about being Brave, would you ever have the courage to admit it out loud?



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