It’s Gonna Be MAY


I have waited SO PATIENTLY for 4 long months to finally post this. The day is finally here.

its gonna be mayLet us have a moment of laughter for this joke that has been pending for the past four months. Thank you.

April has finally drawn to a close and it’s FINALLY time for my favorite part of the year. Even though May isn’t technically summertime, I choose to think that it’s the kickoff to summer. I have a lot of fun things happening this month and I can’t wait for the hot weather. This California girl needs her tan back.

  • Cinco De Mayo is in the next few days. I plan on celebrating my heritage the way my ancestors would have expected me to. With bottomless margaritas, salsa dancing and being loud as all hell.
  • Birthday week is less than one week away. Feelin’ 22.
  • Graduation is just around the corner. Yet another weekend that will marked as legendary.
  • Memorial Day weekend is this month. I love celebrating Amuuurica. I already have my red, white and blue outfit at the ready. I’ll probably paint my face too.
  • I have a wedding I’m attending at the very end of the month/beginning of June. It’s on a ranch. It’s going to be amazing.

Here’s to a fabulous month of celebrating the end of one era, the beginning of another, being born, being in love, being happy, and most importantly being young.

I’m sorry, I had to do one more. I couldn’t resist.


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