Early Birthday Surprise


I had an entire different blog post planned for today but then yesterday around 7pm I had a surprise. So I’ve decided to write about that instead. Because DUH when a surprise happens you have to write about it.

I was minding my own business about to go for a run when one of my best friends calls me and says “I need you to come open the gate and move your car” insinuating that she was in fact in the garage to my apartment building. Which she should have not been considering she lives an hour away. But turns out she was indeed downstairs and had two of my other friends in tow. They came all the way up to LA just to spend time with me during Birthday Week.

Oh and did I mention she gave me a bro tank that says “I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling 22”? Because she did. And it’s amazing and I plan on wearing it this weekend when I can officially feel 22.

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to those three amazing humans because I know it takes a lot of effort to make the drive out to LA on a Monday (trust me I lived that life for a very long time). I am so thankful to have each of them in my life and have them care about me that much.

So Sally, Haylie and Demi here is your shout out as promised. Well it’s more than a shout out, it’s an entire post. About you. Telling the world what amazing humans you are. Because everyone should know.

Thank you for my early birthday surprise. I am way too lucky to have all three of you.


(Remember you knew my during the Chapman days. The ultimate get out of jail free card. Moving to my Malibu mansion in 5 years.)


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