TwentyTwo. 22. TwentyTwo.

I was wondering what 22 was going to feel like. As a kid, 22 was never one of the ages I pictured myself being. I always wondered what it would be like to be 16, 18 and 21. I never went past 21 for some reason. Everything exciting is pretty much done by that point. So what is 22 going to feel like?

I think it’s going to feel really really good. 21 was tough. I lived in LA by myself for the entire year, went through 4 different jobs, graduated college, and almost had another quarter life crisis. I’m in a new and bright headspace compared to where I was last year and am genuinely happy with the people who are in my life. So since today’s my day I’ve made two different lists. The first is 22 things I’ve learned in the past year of my life, the second is 22 things I’m thankful for going into this new year of life.  And at the very bottom is the Taylor Swift music video for 22. You didn’t really think I could write this whole thing without posting it did you? NO WAY BECAUSE IT’S OFFICIAL I’M FINALLY FEELING 22 BABY.

22 Things I’ve Learned

  1. Never underestimate a good bubble bath.
  2. Red nail polish is always a good idea.
  3. It’s okay to be wrong about things. And people.
  4. Searching for a job is a lot harder than they tell you it’s going to be.
  5. Water is a really nice thing. Especially after a night out with the girls.
  6. Maxi skirts are the greatest item of clothing to ever be made. Next to socks of course.
  7. It’s always worth it to drop what you’re doing to go see a friend when they need you.
  8. Lipstick can make you feel like a brand new girl.
  9. Sometimes you need a good cry to feel like a normal human again.
  10. I can survive for an entire week only eating black beans, salsa and quinoa.
  11. Acting like you know what you’re talking about when you really don’t actually kind of works. It’s all about confidence.
  12. Always have a bottle of wine in the fridge. Always.
  13. Go places. Just get in the car and drive.
  14. It’s okay to say no to things.
  15. You have to go after what you want because no one is going to just hand it to you.
  16. It’s too much work to monitor what I listen to on Spotify. I’ve given up being embarrassed. Embrace the trashy pop songs.
  17. Tea solves a lot of things. But when it can’t, drink wine.
  18. Don’t be afraid to feel things. You’re a human. You’re allowed to feel things when you feel them even if you don’t know why you’re feeling them.
  19. There is no reason you shouldn’t try to do something. If it sounds crazy, it probably is. But do it anyways.
  20. Music always sounds better on vinyl.
  21. I’m okay with being broke in the upcoming years of my life.
  22. I’ve finally learned to make myself a priority. You have to learn to love yourself before you let someone else do it.


22 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Dad, Mom and Jarod. My rocks, my everything.
  2. My closest friends. You know who you are. Thank you for being in my life.
  3. The little voice in my head who never stops coming up with things to write about.
  4. The job I just recently landed. I think it’s going to be really good for me in this chapter of my life.
  5. Being unemployed. I learned a lot about myself during those few months.
  6. The jobs I had when I was 21. Leaving them made me realize I’m a lot tougher than I ever thought I could be.
  7. Chapman. For the people it introduced me to and for all of the growing I did in those 3.5 years.
  8. The vintage Disneyland sweatshirt my mom gave me. Every time I get a little homesick or a little sad I put it on and instantly feel better.
  9. The songwriters who write pretty lyrics. Thank you for letting me know it’s possible to express yourself in that way.
  10. My apartment. It has seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst in the past year but at the end of the day it’s the only place in LA where I feel I can be exactly who I am, no filter, no holding back.
  11. Anyone who has taken a chance on me in the past year. I don’t know why you did but thank you.
  12. My iPhone. That thing holds some dark secrets.
  13. My vinyl player. Sometimes I think she’s the only one who gets me.
  14. Etsy. You’ve changed my life in such a short amount of time.
  15. Graduation. This hasn’t happened yet but it’s right around the corner. Graduation weekend will serve as the last time some of the most important people in my life are together all at one time. So for that, I’m eternally thankful.
  16. Champagne brunch. Just thank you for existing.
  17. Jetta. She’s been everywhere. Everywhere. And she still runs like a champ. Next to my apartment, Jetta is probably the only other material thing who has seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst.
  18. Gerber daisies. Thanks for being so pretty.
  19. Jelly Beans. I don’t feel the need to elaborate.
  20. The random strangers who turn out to be angels and help you on a day when you feel like you’re about to break. Specific thanks to the post office man who works in Miracle Mile and the guy at the Starbucks on Wilshire.
  21. California. Through and through I’m a California girl. At the end of the day, there’s no where else I’d rather be.
  22. This blog. Thank you for pushing me to continue to write every single day and allowing me the space to express who I am.

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