Thank You


Today’s post is short and sweet. Half because what I’m about to say is straight forward and to the point, half because I write this as I am about to run out the door and leave for work. I usually write my posts the night before but last night I got caught up working on a craft project for this weekend. It’s amazing. Photos to come soon.

But all I really wanted to say today is thank you. Over the past week I’ve received a massive amount of birthday love. I don’t expect much for my birthdays because now as we are all older, everyone is so busy with work and home life and even live in other cities. But the fact that so many people went out of their way to give me a phone call or send me a card or surprise me at my apartment or take me out to dinner is unbelievably sweet and I am so thankful.

Tonight I’m having a big birthday dinner with my favorite girls. So if you see a mob of about 15 beautiful women out in LA with flower crowns and cat ears singing Taylor Swift’s “22” song—-it’s us.

Thank you to the wonderful people in my life who helped me celebrate this week. I love you I love you I love you.



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