Sarah Meets iPad



The rumors are true. I am now a proud owner of a brand new iPad thanks to mom and pops as a very very nice graduation present.

I told my parents a few months back that I couldn’t wait for the days when I a) could actually take a lunch at work away from my desk and b) could use that hour to sit down, relax and write. They remembered that little conversation from oh so long ago and bought me an iPad so I could do just that; sit outside on my lunch break at work and write. Which is exactly how I am writing this to you now.

I did a little Treat Yo Self at The Grove on Tuesday and bought myself a wireless keyboard and Kate Spade case for my pretty little iPad which I am still trying to name. Right now for some reason I’m leaning toward the name Verona or Hadley. I think the iPad has to be a girl since I put a Kate Spade case on her. But then again gender norms are on their way out so who knows. Maybe he’s a really hot guy with good taste in tech accessories. I could go for that too.

Thanks mom and dad for buying me the as of now unnamed favorite child in my life, iPad.

ipad katespade

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