Memorial Day Weekend



GAtsby cheers

I love long weekends and even better yet, I love our great country America. Or as I also lovingly refer to it, AMUUURICA.

In my mind, Memorial Day Weekend officially kicks off summer. Time for beach, cut off shorts, tank tops, and my favorite drink of all time SANGRIA.

In honor of Memorial Day I wanted to be serious for a moment and take this little piece of Internet space to say thank you to all of the soldiers who protect us each and every day. Truely, thank you.

Secondly I would like to make a list. Because you all know how much I love lists. This list is all of the reasons why I love AMUUURICA and why we’re the best.


  • Freedom. Duh.
  • Even if we’re not the best, we’re still the best. This is law.
  • We win every thing. i.e. Olympics.
  • We have a shit ton of space. WIDE OPEN SPAAAAACES.
  • We’re the damn home of the brave.
  • We have baseball, apple pie and tailgating. 3 the past times.
  • Country music and all of the hell raisin’ that comes with it.
  • Nothing beats a beer and a hotdog or hamburger on a summer night. Nothing.
  • California is where everyone wants to be. And if they say they don’t they’re lying because let’s be real, we’re CALIFORNIA.
  • We’re have this song.

Have fun this weekend all my fellow Amuuuricans because it’s a PARTY IN THE USA.


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