TwentySeven Things: May 2013


Happy Memorial Day! Here are my TwentySeven things for May.

twenty seven

  1. I lived the dream of a lifetime and saw Fleetwood Mac at the Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday. The recap will come as soon as I can recover both emotionally and mentally from one of the greatest experiences of my life.
  2. I turned 22 and made this music video.
  3. The Office came to an end. I cried for quite some time. Jim and Pam will go down as one of the greatest couples in history.
  4. Beyonce came out with a new song and it’s my anthem.
  5. I met Elton John. Or at least the wax figure from Madame Tussauds that looks identical to him.
  6. I officially graduated from college. Lei’s and champagne and walking across the big stage and all.
  7. I met Sean and Catherine from The Bachelor and wrote about it here.
  8. I got an iPad. I have officially decided to name her Finley.
  9. I got a mystic tan.
  10. I learned a lot by watching Zach Sobiech.
  11. I arrived at champagne toast at literally the last seconds and managed to mesh into the crowd with my friends right before one of the organizers yelled at me. Plus I got a medal.
  12. I am now the proud owner of gold, bedazzled cat ears.
  13. I embraced my heritage and drank margaritas on Cinco de Mayo. Like any good Latina should.
  14. I got a henna tattoo.
  15. I’ve used up almost 5 disposable cameras in the past 3 weeks. They take better photos than any iPhone could.
  16. I purchased air horns at Big 5 for graduation. I was told I wasn’t that hard to find in the crowds.
  17. My friend from London sent me a One Direction birthday card that comes with a pin that I plan on wearing when I get to see them in concert.
  18. I talked a little bit about Finding My Voice.
  19. This song also is quickly becoming of my summertime favorites.
  20. I made many many flower crowns over the past month. I’m happy I’m letting the flower children of the world be free.
  21. I’ve been eating Trader Joe’s Three Layer Hummus Dip. If you haven’t eaten it before, you must. It’s life changing.
  22. I’ve also been going through quite a few boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios. They never get old.
  23. I found 6 pairs of lost earrings in my car the other morning. It felt like Christmas.
  24. I bought a Fleetwood Mac Live vinyl at the Rose Bowl flea market. One of my best vinyl finds to date.
  25. I now have more new pictures from the past few weeks than I’ve had in the past few months thanks to my birthday and graduation.
  26. This past month was one of the best months of my life. So many happy memories with people I love. Thank you to everyone who I was able to spend it with.
  27. Oh and I bought a plane ticket to New York for 4th of July weekend. So that’s going to happen too. I may or may not already have a countdown going on my phone.

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