Bachelorette Des Bracket


Bless the heavens, bless ABC and bless Chris Harrison because my Monday nights have meaning again. The Bachelorette is back with 25 new men vying for Des’ heart. This process can also be referred to as “Sarah feeling so much better about her own life after watching countless men run headfirst into a train wreck on national television.”

We all remember Des as the girl Sean sent home on the final 4 hometown dates on the last season of Bachelor. Poor Des was heartbroken, but fear not because gurl you got the sweet end of this deal from ABC. Des now has 25 men who all want to have her babies.

I know a lot of you out there like to play bracket and believe me, that’s my favorite thing to do on this show. Below is a bracket I tweaked a little to my liking and my point system is as follows: 1 point for each correct guy the first night, 2 points for 2nd night, 3 points for 3rd night and so on and so on. I play a little different from most people in that I like to watch the first episode, take copious notes and then create my bracket rather than just make decisions based off of their pictures and bios. So if you’re playing my way, everyone automatically starts with 19 points and you go from there. Make sense?

My top 4 for the season are Brooks, Brandon, Michael G and Chris with Brandon coming out as the man Des’ happily marries in the sunset with Chris Harrison leading the ceremony. But my friend and I were analyzing before making our brackets and we think there might be a dark horse like last season. We’ve officially dubbed the dark horse as “the Catherine” because last year no one even knew who Catherine was until episode 5 and she went on to be the winner. She had no air time and completely killed my bracket. So if there is another Catherine this year I’m totally screwed.

Good luck to all with your bracket and here’s to another season of finding love complete train wrecks on The Bachelorette!

Des Bracket

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