Two Birthdays & A Wedding


This past weekend there was a lot of celebrating going on. Friday night I celebrated two of my friends birthdays at a combined birthday party that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. They each had their own little piece of cake but we forgot to buy candles so a normal coffee table candle was used. Happy Birthday girls. Then I slept for a few hours and had to be on the road by 6am to get back home for a wedding. I made it home by 11am, napped for a little bit, got ready and was off again to celebrate more happy life events.

RC Birthday

The wedding was beautiful. They had the ceremony and reception on a family ranch on the outskirts of town and said their vows by the water. I teared up more than a few times, weddings just do that to people. It’s such a happy life moment that you can’t help but get emotional. My beautiful best friend was the Maid Of Honor and after all of the food, drinks and toasts (which she killed by the way) we danced and danced and danced for hours outside under twinkle lights to Bon Jovi and Pat Benatar and Phillip Phillips. Congratulations Felicia & Tim!


Sunday morning I was up early again, was lazy around my house for a bit and then had to head back to Lala land to celebrate one of my other best friends birthdays. She turned 24 and her favorite dessert is lemon bars so obviously I had to buy her 24 lemon bars. I met her a little over 2 years ago when I landed my internship at a music publishing company. Since that day, we haven’t looked back. I can’t imagine my life without her at this point and am so thankful for her every day.

CRV Birthday

The weekend went by far too fast (as per usual) but I couldn’t have had a better one. Yes I’m exhausted today and yes I have to appear awake and alert while interacting with other humans but you know what, I’ll take it. Because happy life events like birthdays and weddings only come around once a year or a few times in a lifetime so when they do, you have to be there to support those people in your life and enjoy the moment with them. Make the drive, get no sleep and love full force. It’s always worth it.


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