A List of Things For Tuesday


Today feels like a Wednesday so it’s being filed under a Hump Day post. I feel like making a list of things today so that’s what this is.

  • My new Modcloth purse came in! I’m obsessed with it.
  • I’m finally kind of learning how to budget out my monthly expenses. I know, this is a big deal. Like “I’m a big girl” big deal. And it’s kind of scary but I’m forcing myself to do it.
  • I’m almost done with season 1 of Arrested Development. But now I’m thinking I need to watch Game of Thrones after the Internet exploded yesterday.
  • Also I’ve already lost 2 people who were in my bracket for Bachelorette. Not great but not horrible. I only had the 2 of the 3 eliminated going for a little while longer so it’s not detrimental to my bracket. However Brandon is looking more and more like an Ashlee and that could be bad. VERY bad for me. Pull it together dude.
  • I think I’m going to go ahead and get the bangs I originally wanted about a month and a half ago. I wimped out at the last minute but screw it, I think I’m going to do it anyways. It’s just hair.
  • Mileybird is baaaaack. Her new single came out yesterday and I love it because it’s 3 minutes of trashy party song. The second verse is particularly hilarious.
  • My car got blocked in, in a 4 car tandem space at work yesterday. So the valet man spent 20 minutes trying to squeeze my car out of the space that was kitty corner to mine. So to the owner of the black PT Cruiser, screw you for not leaving your keys like you’re supposed to.
  • I bought all of the mugs at the 99 cent store yesterday. Seriously. All 25 that they had, I purchased.
  • I can’t wait to go home again this weekend. More celebrating for my little brother’s confirmation and my cousin who is pregnant with twins! I just wish I didn’t have to make the drive and could teleport there instead.



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