Wouldn’t It Be Nice If We Were (Younger)


Flower child

I used to listen to the Beach Boys’ “Would It Be Nice” all the time (plus it played through Disneyland’s California Adventure every 5 minutes which was amazing.) It’s such a fun, summery, California vibey song which is right up my alley. I would scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs because I truly believed they were true. It’s going to be so nice when I’m older. There isn’t going to be a single thing I can’t do. Anything I want to do, when I want to do it.

But sometimes I have second thoughts about what the Beach Boys told me. Granted I know I’m not that old but I’m certainly no longer at liberty to do some of the things I used to when I was a kid. No sleeping in for forever, no getting money from Mom to go to the mall, no free meals all the time. So I’ve made a little column of things that I miss from being a kid and another for the things that I get to do as an “adult.” (Side note: if anyone knows what the word “adult” actually means, please let me know.) But maybe, just maybe the Beach Boys did get it right after all.

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

  • The word “responsibility” had no meaning. You could get out of anything by saying “oops I didn’t know, I’m just a kid.”
  • No waking up early.
  • Finger painting was highly encouraged. Getting it on your face was also encouraged.
  • Cheetos was considered a full meal.
  • Laundry? No thanks.
  • Still banked at BOD. Bank of Dad.
  • One job. Trade Pokemon cards.
  • No being yelled at for laying on the couch and watching TV for 7 hours straight.
  • Bills? What are those?

Free To Do What I Want, When I Want

  • Being able to buy wine.
  • Staying up all night till the sun.
  • The freedom to get up and go wherever I want at the drop of a pin. (New York in 27 days)
  • Newfound appreciation of the 15th and 30th of every month. Pay day baby.
  • Newfound appreciation of Fridays and the term TGIF (which I have never said in my life until approximately 2 months ago.)
  • Living on my own. No one yells at me for having a messy apartment.
  • Having pride in accomplishing the dumbest things. Like not popping an over easy egg.
  • “I want pink hair”…… “Okay I’m going to do it”
  • Being able to make my own decisions. About everything.

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