Babies, Candy Crush & Volleyball


For the third weekend in a row I was out of town spending time with family, except this weekend it included dozens of children running rampant through Temecula. One of my cousins has a baby girl who turned 1 over the weekend with a “Pink Lemonade” themed party complete with a jumpy house to keep the older kids entertained. All of the cousins are about 10-15 years older than me and in my mind, they’re still in their twenties. But now I’m the one in my twenties and they have handfuls of kids running around. It’s crazy how fast time flies.


My family was in Orange County this weekend so on Sunday morning I made the drive down to spend Fathers Day with them. Of course we sit in the gym where my brother has his volleyball tournament and just crack jokes from the sidelines for hours on end and of course they’re slightly offensive but still hilarious at the same time. I’m so happy I was able to spend Fathers Day with my Daddy. Even if we did have to give him his present in a parking lot before we drove off our separate ways.

Fathers Day

A few other things that happened this weekend…

  • I managed to catch a cupcake that my 2 year old cousin dropped right before it hit the ground. But it landed frosting down in my hand.
  • A 4 year old punched a 5 year old on the jumpy house after the 5 year old was playing “Hulk Hands” with a pair of cushioned Hulk arms. The 4 year old didn’t have Hulk arms so he just used his fists. As I assume the real Hulk would have done as well.
  • I awoke at 3am on Sunday to a domino effect of children. One started crying and like clockwork, all 6 of them in the house started screaming at once. To drown out the noise we turned on the TV and the Lizzie McGuire movie was on. Thank you Hilary Duff.
  • My cousin got me hooked on Candy Crush. Download it on your iPad and say goodbye to your social life.
  • Numerous kids and parents got hit in the face with volleyballs at the tournament on Sunday. No matter how may times it happens, it is never not funny.

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