Red Nails


I have this thing about my nails. If they’re not painted or they’re chipping, I kind of get anxiety about everything else in my life. I just can’t stand looking down at my hands and not seeing a nice coat of nail polish. When my nails are painted, I feel so much more put together. Even if the rest of me looks like shit, at least I have my nails that look pretty.

Then there is the whole concept of color. What color do I pick for an everyday office outfit? For going out? Going to a wedding? There are TOO MANY choices. But even with all of the choices I always gravitate toward some shade of red. During summer I may pick out an orange or a pink, but 87% of the time my nails are going to be some variation of red.

I like red because it screams fire. It screams fighter. It screams sexy. It screams badass. And who doesn’t want to be all of those things?

I read an article one time (I think it was Lauren Conrad) that said burgundy goes with absolutely everything and shows you’re a classy lady. So for a solid year of my life I wore nothing but burgundy. (I mean LC said it so it must be true.) But now a few years older, I have found that a bright red is my go-to. Plus it really goes well with my skin tone.

Today I have a fresh coat of red nail polish on. So I feel like a badass. Happy Tuesday everyone.



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