Mayer & DeGraw


Yesterday was a day full of emotions I was not expecting. Two of my favorite men in music released new singles. On the same day. And I had to try to deal with all of my feelings while at work.

It was very very difficult.

Usually when one of my “end all be alls” in music releases something new, I need a little bit of time to get ahold of myself. I like to plug the new song into my record player, crank it up loud, open the windows, lay on the floor and play it on repeat for a while. I like letting the music feel like it’s sinking into my skin so I really get a good listen.

I was not afforded this luxury yesterday because I was in an office cubicle and not prepared for the bombardment of feels.

Instead I put on my little Apple headphones and played the two songs on repeat, all the while trying not to cry at the beautiful lyrics and melodies that were filtering through my ears.

Since today is the dreaded middle of the week better known as Wednesday, I will be spending most of the day listening to the same two songs on repeat. Again. And again. And again. Because those two men can do absolutely no wrong in my music book.

PS John Mayer is the funniest son of a bitch ever. How he got the prancercise lady to make this entire music video is beyond me but I have the utmost respect for it.


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