Summer Fridays


It’s finally here. The first day of summer!!! (Officially at least. In my mind it’s been summer since May.)

I’ve been saying “I can’t wait for SUMMER” since last October and finally finally finally it’s here. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. Sunshine, BBQ, beach, sangria, baseball and country music. The beginning of summer also brings something quite spectacular. This fun thing called Summer Fridays in the work place. Meaning that employees get off work at 1pm.

ONE O’CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON. This is how I feel about it.

emma stone dancingBless you Summer Days for you are all that are good and right in the world. I can’t wait for this summer and dance on the beach and be tan and wear sun dresses and go to flea markets and drink sangria and eat fruit all day long and make a bunch of weekend runaway trips.

To all my single ladies, here’s…..

being playasAnd if you’re not amped up enough for summer, here are 2 of my favorite “roll those windows down and crank it up” summertime songs.



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