Tuesday Feels Like Wednesday



I think Tuesday might be the new Wednesday. Or maybe just this week it is since it’s so short. Tomorrow I get to cut out early at work for the holiday weekend and then I’m off on a little runaway trip starting Wednesday night. Today, here are a few links and other random things that are making me really happy.

  • I relate to this on a spiritual level.
  • Ron Swanson is one of my idols in life.
  • I bought a pair of Keds yesterday and they’re so cute.
  • This guy is my hero. 850 million?  Where do I sign up for that life path?
  • 10 emoji’s we wish existed.
  • My glasses finally arrived last week. I look something of a cross between the Geek Squad and a wannabe hipster.
  • This is more beautiful that 90% of celebrity relationships.
  • I went psycho cleaning lady on my apartment this past weekend. So if any of you out there want to come visit, now is the time seeing as it hasn’t been this clean since my Funemployment LLC days.
  • I just have to put a little blurb about everything that has to do with DOMA, Prop 8 and Wendy Davis that happened last week. I think all of it is awesome and amazing and incredible on every single level imaginable. America is finally getting it right. Wendy Davis, you’re my hero.

And here’s this just because.

aziz money


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