Now I’m Out In Brooklyn


Happy Friday all! I’m already in New York visiting my best friend over the long weekend and wrote this post a few days ago since I knew I wouldn’t really have access to post while I’m on my holiday. (I totally was born to be half British, “holiday” just rolled off the keyboard.)

I hope all of you out there are recovering nicely from Amuuurica festivities. Remember, the best hangover food is eggs and coffee. Your body needs protein not carbs like you’re currently craving.

Since I’m away here are a few pretty things to hold you over until next week when I’m sure I’ll have enough pictures from New York to fill 7 posts.

I raided Barnes and Noble on Wednesday and bought this and this and this and this and this. I really like books.

Toms(I got new Toms from Nordstrom Rack the other day. Kind of in love.)

Sunset(Sunset view from the roof of my apartment complex.)

Camping(The trail from camping with friends last weekend.)

Nails(My patriotic 4th of July splatter paint nails.)

Keds(How could I not get new Keds when I got new Toms? That’s just so mean to leave the poor Keds at the store.)

And to finish it off, some newly discovered favorite tunes.

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