Free Slurpee Day


In our great nation of Amuuurica, the land of the free, hardly anything is ever free. So when it is, YOU GO GET IT.

Today is one of those glorious days. Today is Free Slurpee Day. (Insert USA, USA, USA chant here.)

Slurpee Day

After work today, my roommate and I will be following a meticulously crafted plan of attack on the 7-Eleven’s in the greater Studio City. We’re talking multiple stops here. Maybe even in the double digits. (UPDATE: I just read an article saying this year they are giving out bigger cups for free Slurpees. This just means my sugar high will last that much longer. And I’ll feel that much more sick after slurping up all of my Slurpees.)

I have a very strong, long lasting relationship with Slurpees. When I was younger, my dad used to pick me up from school and on any random day would say, “Wanna go get a Slurpee?” And my answer was always always yes. It was my favorite after school treat on a hot day.

Here is your pro tip for the day: only a true Slurpee connoisseur knows how to correctly fill a Slurpee cup. You have to put the lid on first to maximize Slurpee capacity. If you didn’t already know this, you’re obviously an amateur and better step aside if you see me walk into a 7-Eleven today.

Happy Free Slurpee Day to all, and to all free Slurpees.


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