Weekend Wrap Up: Santa Monica Living


I was on Ocean Avenue all.weekend.long. It was lovely and wonderful and glorious and I never stopped pretending that I actually lived there. Or could maybe live there sometime soon.

I tried this thing where I didn’t take any pictures all weekend. While pictures are great, when we take them we’re actually removing ourselves from the moment we’re living. So this weekend I didn’t try to capture the moments, I tried to be more present while living them.

I am notorious for being the girl always trying to take pictures of everything. Always trying to make sure we document every moment for later when we look back on things. And guess what? The not taking pictures thing? It was nice. There was no pressure to share my life on social media, no pressure to capture the moment for a later viewing, just no pressure. Just living in the small moments that make up a day with the people who are closest to me doing the most mundane activities you can imagine. I had the best time just lounging and being bums in the same room with my friends. Just enjoying each others company. We even took naps together. I mean, it doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Ocean Ave, 1958.

Ocean Ave, 1958.


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