Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest


I love Sara Bareilles. I fell in love with her when she released Love Song all those years back and even have her second record on vinyl. She just released her third record a few weeks ago and I’ve been able to sit with for a while and have chosen my favorites.

The Blessed Unrest is a very unique title. I know from reading her blogs that she made the move from LA to New York about a year ago after feeling depressed about Los Angeles. The title kind of tells you that she finally feels at peace with feeling unsettled all the time, that she’s okay with not being completely put together. That’s another reason that I love her, she always seems to find a way to cool, new way verbalize a lot of the things I’m thinking about.

I think the album is very good, not amazing, but very very good (I think I’m still partial to her second record because I loved it so much). Sara Bareilles is known for doing the very sad, love ballads and this album seems to have more than usual for some reason. Because of the amount of sad, broody songs, I can’t listen to the album more than once through at a time. But on the other side of the sad, broody songs we get beautiful poetic lyrics that paint the most wonderful scenery inside your mind. That is the Sara Bareilles I know and love. The one that has the ability to paint pretty pictures with her even more beautiful words.

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest (Epic Records, 2013)

Sarah’s Favorites: 1000 Times, Little Black Dress, Manhattan, I Choose You, Eden

Songs to dance to: Brave, Little Black Dress, Chasing The Sun, Hercules

Songs to cry to: Manhattan, 1000 Times, December, Islands

Fun Facts: 1) Out of the 12 songs on the record, Sara wrote 8 all by her lonesome. 2) Brave was co-written with Jack Antonoff from Fun. 3) She just wrapped up her Brave Enough tour that she went on by herself. Just her, a guitar and a piano. This fall she starts a new tour with OneRepublic.


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