(Late) Hump Day Treat


Yesterday was hump day. So naturally I spent a good majority of the day trolling the Internet for things that would keep me sane while I counted down the work day hours. God bless Oprah because I think I found my new favorite GIF of all time. It might also just become my new reaction to anything I don’t enjoy such as…

  • “Oh you’re canceling our lunch we’ve had scheduled for a month now?” *DANCE GURL DANCE*
  • “Oh your laundry has been done for 5 hours but you still haven’t taken it out of the machine?” *DANCE GURL DANCE*
  • “Oh you’re really not going to answer the phone even though I took my turn and answered it last time?” *DANCE GURL DANCE*
  • “Oh you think I don’t notice that you’ve read my iMessage yet failed to text me back?” *DANCE GURL DANCE*
  • “Oh you think you can be all passive aggressive toward me and get away with it?” *DANCE GURL DANCE*

girl dancing


Thank you Gawker for discovering this gem and even more importantly, thank you to this little girl’s mom for giving birth to what will become a fantastic full grown human one day.

Read the full Gawker post here.

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