I found this article on Thought Catalog last week and have been sitting with and digesting it for a few days now.

It’s straight forward, the point, and very honest. The part that really got to me was this.

“You go up the mountain of your idol,” he explained, “but when you get to the top, you realize they’re already there, and that mountain is never going to belong to you. So, you go do your own thing and it’s more of a shit-pile than a mountain at first, but it’s yours. It’s your shit pile. And that’s not nothing.”

Your shit pile. No one else’s. Yours. You can’t be anyone other than yourself, especially when writing. Writing is a very vulnerable and personal thing, people will have no problem calling out your bullshit if you try to fake it. You can’t be the next Ernest Hemmingway or Stevie Nicks or J.K .Rowling or Ed Sheeran because they’re already taken. You have to make your own path, you have to be different. Because if you try and be them, you’ll never be as good. They thought of it first, and no one likes a copycat.

The article closes with another quote about embracing what is referred to as our “natural mode.”

“You can’t run from who you are,” Saunders said. “Not your brain, not your inclinations, or your experience. So accept your shit – run toward it, use it.”

Embrace what you are, accept your shit. Bottom line is, life is kind of like a domino effect. It’s all about your timing.

Accepting your shit seems hard because that means you actually have to own up to things. You have to look in the mirror and say “okay this is what I’m going to be and I hope other people accept and understand me.” And if they don’t right away, it’s okay. But eventually someone will and it’s going to be like a domino effect. Everything will just start clicking. If you’re honest with people they’re going to like you, they’re going to believe in you. People want something to believe in because a lot of times, they’re just as lost as we are. So if you can give them that, you’re giving them a whole hell of a lot.

Read the whole Thought Catalog article here.



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