I Went To Bed At 7pm


The title is true. Last night I got home at 6pm, ate a little dinner, got into my PJs and went to bed at 7pm. “How was she able to fall asleep when it was so light out still?” you might ask. Well thanks to an amazing sleeping mask my mother purchased for me a while back, I saw nothing but pure darkness.

So yes, on a Thursday at 7pm I passed out like a grandma and slept for 11 hours and I regret nothing.

Today is another summer Friday at the office which means my weekend starts at 1pm. My only plans for the weekend are to be a the most antisocial person I can possibly be, also known as a vegetable. I have to do basic human things like laundry and dishes and cleaning (which I might not even do but I’m hoping since I wrote it on here it will make me feel like I have to follow though) and obviously finish watching Scandal (which I 100% know I will accomplish because I’m really good at laying on the couch and watching Netflix.) Big plans this weekend folks, big plans.

Here are a few links I’ve been loving on this past week.

  • Customized hair dye for under $20? I might just have to try this.
  • What parts of California look like other places in the world. (We really are the best state.)
  • For my fellow die-hard Harry Potter fans, I dare you not to tear up while reading this.
  • My friend sent this to me at 4pm yesterday. Which she dubbed “late enough in the day to cry at the office.” I definitely teared up. The lion one gets me every time.

I’m still on my canopy kick. So here are 2 pictures of pretty canopy’s I want, but am going to have to figure out how to create on a poor kids budget. Any ideas are welcome.



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