Things That Have Happened In The Past 24 Hours


A comprehensive list.

  • I found the most amazing pair of black booties that I plan on wearing every day for the rest of my life.
  • Des’ dreaded season of The Bachelorette is finally over. So are her horrible outfit choices.
  • I am honestly debating applying for Juan Pablo’s season on the off chance that I would get to see his beautiful face in the flesh.
  • I ordered a new pair of jeans. Which I haven’t done in probably 2 years. It was time.
  • I know this is meant for Monday’s, but this gif set applies even more so to today because of my next bullet point.
  • My blow dryer died. (If you know me, this is tragic.) As in, completely and totally just died. Will not work even if I reset all of my outlets. RIP Blowdryer. I might have to resort to blow drying my hair out the car window like I used to in college. If you see me today, don’t judge me.
  • At least I have my black boots.

It’s another Tuesday but feels like Wednesday. Maybe Tuesday’s are the new Wednesdays because this keeps happening. And because it feels like a Wednesday, I’m going to start my day off by watching the new Mumford & Sons music video. Again. Even though I already watched it 7 times yesterday. It might be the greatest music video of our generation.


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