One Direction, Yoga and Henna


Here’s a quick list of things that happened this weekend.

  • Katy Perry’s new song “Roar” is finally out. It’s already stuck in my head and I keep dancing around singing to myself “I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a FIGHTER.”
  • Friday afternoon after work, I watched Little Mix perform in the courtyard. I’m kind of even more obsessed with them now that I know they aren’t disgustingly skinny like some celebrities are. They were so normal. It was very refreshing. Plus they sounded great singing live.
  • I bought a new journal from Anthropologie because I’m a hoarder and I can’t not buy a pretty one when I see it.
  • Saturday afternoon I strolled from Santa Monica into Venice with friends and we ended up getting henna tattoos together. Because we’re all little hippie flower children at heart.
  • Saturday night I saw One Direction at Staples Center. Never in my life have I heard a sound that was more ear piercing than those screams. I danced for two hours straight and couldn’t feel my feet the next morning. I also now own a shirt with all of their faces on it. No shame.
  • I spent the greater part of Sunday being a bum, eating Yogurtland with my roommate, finishing up Orange Is The New Black (which is incredible) and watching the Teen Choice Awards even though I am no longer a teen. I’m a real sucker for award shows, no matter how horrible it may be.

Listen to the new KP single to get your Monday started right and go ahead and scream the lyrics in your car. “BECAUSE I AM A CHAMPION, AND YOU’RE GONNA HEAR ME ROOOOOOOOOAR.”

1D Flyover

One Direction flying to us on the B Stage.

Little Things.

Staples Center during Little Things.

Our Henna tattoos in Venice.

Our Henna tattoos in Venice.

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