Love Letter: Daily Mail


If you look up the definition of a guilty pleasure, you will find this.

Daily MailDaily Mail is the trashiest, horrendous and most heinous tabloid ever created. But I have to read it every day.

There are typos, made up stories, terrible grammar, ridiculous commentary on picture captions and so many other glorious things that are wrong with this publication. And did I mention that it’s British? If you didn’t know, the British up the ante for their tabloid work. The stories more exaggerated, the pictures more pixely, the claims further stretched. It’s ridiculous but I can’t stop reading it.

Every day I get to work and slowly work through my cycle of blogs I read every morning while drinking my morning tea. But even on the busiest day when I might not get to read my tech blogs or Buzzfeed, you better believe the one thing I make time for is Daily Mail. If nothing else at all, I make sure I read my Daily Mail.

I’m not even quite sure why I still read it at this point. I know basically everything they post is untrue but I think I keep reading because I want to see how far they’re going to push it, how ridiculous they’re going to make it. They cover literally every celebrity on the planet and even post pictures of ridiculous mansions that are recently for sale (those are my favorite). It’s almost a game with my friends on gchat of “who can find the worst Daily Mail story of the day” first.

Thank you for existing Daily Mail. I know most of the general population hates you, and maybe I do too on some obscene level, but thank you for making my mornings much more bearable and allowing me to laugh at the outrageous stories you post. I’ll never stop reading. 

Go ahead and click on it, you know you want to


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