Spotify: August 2013


Before you take a look at this playlist and decide it’s quite heavy on a certain 2 artists, let me explain. I saw One Direction in concert last weekend and I plan on seeing Taylor Swift next week HENCE the overload on their music. Besides that, it’s the usual mish mash of genres, some crying songs, some dancing songs, some lay on the floor and ponder songs, and some crank it all the way up in the car and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs songs. I decided to go light on the Ellie Goulding and Amy Winehouse as I’ve been listening to them nonstop the past few weeks and adding their entire discography seemed like a little much. And I finally jumped on the Lorde train and listened to the track everyone and their mom’s has been raving about, “Royals.” I quite like it. And she has amazing hair.

Overall Favorite Song of the Moment: Roar – Katy Perry, Little Things – One Direction (I have rekindled my love for this song after seeing it live at Staples)

Songs to cry to: Come Home – OneRepublic, Gravity – Sara Bareilles

Songs to dance to: Burn – Ellie Goulding, Best Song Ever – One Direction, Ways To Go – Grouplove, Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift


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