Yet Another List


I’m about to fly out the door (yes with my wings) so here is a comprehensive list of things that are happening today.

  • I’m back on the smoothie train again trying to detox after the wedding this past weekend.
  • I’m going to see Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran tonight at Staples Center.
  • John Mayer’s new album Paradise Valley is officially out!!!
  • I’m going to see T.Swizzle and Ginger Jesus tonight at Staples Center.
  • I’m going to be keeping a lot of food in the fridge at work since I won’t be home for a few days.
  • That last line sounded really cryptic.

I’m a tad bit excited to see my #1 girl Taylor tonight. (Plus Ed Sheeran is there and everyone knows I’m going to sob like a baby when Ginger Jesus sings his first note.) I’ve talked about how I’m a not so secret superfan of Taylors since she came around in 2006. Tonight is the one night I let Superfan Sarah run free and be as crazy as she wants to be. If you’re at Staples too, I’m sure I’ll look like the general Taylor Swift fan population with my black shorts and red tshirt. BUT I’m also going all out and going to write the lyrics down my arm, the 13 on my hand and you guessed it, gotta have my cat ears at the ready for when she sings the anthem of my life, 22.

Red Tour


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