Hump Daaaaaaaay


I’m still not ready to come out of my Taylor Swift concert land so the post about The Red Tour will have to be tomorrow. Until then, enjoy these ridiculous things for Hump Day.

  • Yesterday, I thought one of my wildest dreams was finally coming true. AN NSYNC REUNION. But I found out this morning that Lance Bass already shut that train down. I’m still holding out that his comments were merely trying to deter fans from getting too excited and somehow they will just pop out at the VMAs anyways and start doing the choreographed dance to Bye Bye Bye.
  • Old people, giving no fucks. This is self explanatory.
  • Oprah, being Oprah. Which is incredible.

This is the only Taylor video I will share until tomorrow, but she brought out Tegan and Sara as her special guests and I lost my shit because I love them.  I WON’T TREAT YOU LIKE YOU’RE OH SO TYPICAL.


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