I’m Still Roar-ing


FINALLY IT’S FRIDAY. This has felt like a monster of a week and I can’t wait to stay in Santa Monica all weekend and tan on the beach and drink tea and watch New Girl reruns.

  • I finally finished my book Girls In White Dresses and it was quite good. It was written in short bursts so it keeps your attention for a while. The characters? Five to six 20-something women struggling through life. Safe to say I could relate.
  • I do not have Summer Friday today. That fact alone makes me want to cry at 7:23am as I am writing this.
  • I bought the September issues of Vogue, Elle and Glamour and have yet to read them. Partially because they are gigantic books and partially because I need a full on sit down with them to enjoy them. Hopefully this weekend.
  • The only song I’ve been listening to, to go running is Katy Perry’s “Roar.” You think I’m kidding but I’m not. I have it on for a full 50+ minutes while I run on the treadmill and it makes me feel like a badass.
  • Yesterday at lunch I treated myself to a delicious Mixt Greens salad that was absolute heaven. Then as I was walking out of the restaurant, there were little carts of free gelato bars. It was like someone knew I needed ice cream to get through the day. So, whoever decided to put ice cream carts right outside work, thank you.

Below are a few pictures of London because I’ve been feeling like I want to run away again and for some reason I’ve always been obsessive about London. But until my nonexistent trust fund kicks in or I somehow come into hundreds of thousands of dollars, these pretty pictures from Pinterest will have to suffice.


Notting Hill


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