TwentySeven Things: August 2013


I know this is one day late but I had to write about my parents anniversary yesterday because duh, 30 YEARS IS A BIG DEAL.

So here we go. TwentySeven Things for August 2013. How is it almost September already?

PS I now realize the first eight bullet points revolve around music. This was a very good month.

twenty seven

  1. I saw my #1 girl Taylor Swift rock the house at Staples Center. It was incredible. From Fearless to Feeling 22. (I superfanned at the show. Just a little.)
  2. I also saw my favorite boy band of the moment, ONE DIRECTION at Staples. I had the most fun I’ve had in months dancing like an idiot with a bunch of 12 year olds.
  3. Speaking of boy bands, NSYNC (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOY BAND) reunited at the VMAs this month, I think my heart stopped beating for a hot second.
  4. I saw Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z slay the Rose Bowl. It was life changing.
  5. I saw Backstreet Boys at The Grove and they sang Backstreet’s Back and As Long As You Love Me. Promptly following, every 20 or 30-something in the audience swooned uncontrollably. (If you were wondering, Nick Carter is still fine as hell.)
  6. This new Ellie Goulding record is still my jam.
  7. And the new Katy Perry is my run song because it makes me feel like a badass on the treadmill. ROOOOOOOOAR.
  8. But best of all, a new John Mayer album has been released. My heart has been soaring. Thank you John for coming back to me.
  9. My cousin got married. It was beautiful and Pinterest would be jealous.
  10. On the plane home to the wedding, my hairspray exploded. Apparently everyone in the world knows you can’t take aerosol on a plane except for me.
  11. My parents had their 30th wedding anniversary. That’s pretty incredible.
  12. Rewatched First Wives Club with one of my best friends. Decided I need a white power suit and red briefcase.
  13. I ordered a new planner from Etsy and it’s helping me get my life together. That’s what I keep telling myself.
  14. I think TJ Maxx and Marshalls hate me for the amount of things I’ve bought and returned there in the past month. It’s a little extreme.
  15. I painted for the first time in months. It felt liberating.
  16. Juan Pablo is the new Bachelor. I considered signing up just so I could see him in the flesh.
  17. I discovered the Cocoa Almond spread from Trader Joes. If you haven’t eaten it yet, it is life changing. Dare I say it, better than Nutella.
  18. I ate at Real Food Daily for the first time. It’s a gluten free, vegan restaurant and was surprisingly delicious. The chocolate cake was the greatest cake I’ve ever eaten. Seriously, ever.
  19. I bought my parentals some flowers from South America through this amazing website.
  20. Ashton Kutcher revealed that his real name is Chris. The whole world has been Punk’d.
  21. I lived the SaMo lifestyle for almost 2 weeks of this month. I love Santa Monica but I can’t tell you how excited I am to go back to my own apartment.
  22. I found these new black booties from Nordstrom Rack and when I wear them I feel like a rockstar. So I wear them a lot.
  23. The September issues of the fashion magazines are out. They added a solid 8 pounds to my suitcase when I flew back to LA.
  24. I had a first at the Burbank airport; I had a glass of wine before my flight. I highly recommend it because it makes everyone on the plane much more tolerable.
  25. I finished reading Beautiful Ruins. It was amazing. Go read it.
  26. I bought those adorable little bow clips for my hair off of Etsy. So now I can be adorable and try to look like Bridget Bardot with my bangs.
  27. Summer is nearly over. For the last long weekend (and last Amurica holiday for a while) I’m headed off to Big Bear with friends this weekend. Lake, drinks, burgers. How much more American can you get?



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