Printstagram: The Modern Polaroids



I love photos. Especially Polaroid photos. But here’s the problem – I’m too poor to by a Polaroid camera and continue buying the film. I guess vintage things are too hip and mainstream these days so they charge prices up the wazoo.

But then I found a solution. I had seen the idea on Pinterest a while back and have been dying to implement it in my own apartment. Enter Printstagram. What I am now referring to as the modern Polaroid. I printed out over 100 of my own Instagram photos and even went as far as to create a second Instagram account just so I could Instagram like a madwoman and not blow up my friends feeds with countless photos of myself and friends. You’re welcome for being considerate.

They arrived 3 days later and I couldn’t be happier with them. The paper quality is awesome and they look amazing. Then comes the project part.

I already had twine and nails and I bought clothespins at my favorite store – get at me 99 cent store. Then I researched this magical thing called washi tape which is basically a life changer. You can put it on ANYTHING and it’s ADORABLE. I used it to decorate one side of my clothespins to give them a little something extra.

Here is the finished product. I like to call it “whimsical-20-something-slash-poor-kid-chic.” I love the way it turned out and now get to stare at some of my favorite memories all the time. Thanks Printstagram, you da flyest.


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