Artsy Weekend


Friday evening was spent with friends catching up on life. After spending the day at work and then being actively social, I used up all of my social skills for the weekend within just Friday. So all of Saturday and Sunday were spent pretty much being by myself minus a Saturday lunch with one of my good friends from college and a Sunday morning hike.

In my anti-social state, I became an artsy child and completed three different craft projects and two paintings. The craft projects were a chalkboard frame message board for my roommate and I, chalkboard mason jar tops for labeling and ink spot coasters. The ocean color scheme painting is a much overdue gift for a friend’s new apartment and the creativity painting is my new mantra for writing. I had found the quote on Pinterest and was going to print it out to hang somewhere, but I thought “why not paint it on the most ginormous canvas you own instead?” So I did.

I also FINALLY got my macaroons. They were the most delicious treat I could have ever imagined.

Chalkboard Frame


Hannah Painting

Creativity painting


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