RIP Cocoa Almond Spread


Today is Tuesday, so it’s time for a list.

  • I’m on Season 3, Episode 8 of Breaking Bad. All of the current anxiety in my life is a result of this.
  • I had a quesadilla last night for dinner and remembered how good quesadillas are. I definitely reignited the love affair.
  • Trader Joes is currently not selling their cocoa almond spread. It was literally the only reason I ventured to TJs yesterday. But no they are re-doing the label so it will be out of stock for a while. As a result, I brought wine to drink away my chocolate sorrows.
  • Men literally have no idea how much pain a woman is in during her period. Don’t even try to tell me you know what pain is until you feel like someone is gutting out your insides.
  • I had a sort of epiphany last night that I’m still trying to work through. Stand by.

I also saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a really cool idea. If I ended up making one for myself, I might do it with lyrics or a story. Apparently my inner Martha Stewart has really been up and at ’em lately.

Room dividerAlso, RIP.

Cocoa Almond Spread


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