Hump Day #37290678043


beach dream

Today is another Hump Day. Now every time I say Hump Day, I can’t help but think of the camel in the insurance commercial. HUMP DAAAAAAAY.

  • I went to yoga last night for the first time in a week. This morning  I woke up barely able to move my limbs.
  • I’m currently eating hummus and pita chips for breakfast because I stayed at a friends last night. And I just woke up craving hummus.
  • The new Justin Timberlake album is streaming on Spotify. The excitement should be obvious.
  • The new Birdy album is finally out. I am very very very excited to listen to it.
  • I’m wearing my glasses today because I’m too lazy to put in my contacts. I look like a librarian who is trying too hard to be a hipster.

Wednesdays are the days when I need the most inspiration help. So for a little push, here are a bunch of Pinterest photos I’ve been loving lately. I loved them for one reason or another, I hope you like them too.

lucky ones

chapter 1



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