Dinner with Dad at Disney


I’ve talked a few times (here, here, here) about making the drive to go see someone. This week my Dad was in Orange County for a seminar and we wanted to meet up for dinner one night. So last night I drove down to Orange County after work and we went and ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. We walked around a bit, talked about everything and anything and went and picked out some sweets from the candy store after. It was the perfect little dinner date. I wish I could have stayed to hang out with him for 4 more days.

Even with the bad traffic, the late night drive home, any of it, I didn’t even care. Just to be able to go hang out with him for a few hours was totally worth it. Because he’s my Dad, and I love him a lot and he’s kind of the best. (And I¬†definitely teared up a little in the car when I had to drop him back off at his hotel and go home. That seems to be a pattern now as a 20-something, tearing up when I have to leave my family.)

Before we left, we had to go find our family’s Disney stone like we always do. It’s been there 11 years and counting. We have our own little piece of magic in Disneyland.



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