One Thing, Every Day


I went to my first hot yoga class earlier this week and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t so much focused on exhausting you physically, but more so focusing on zoning in mentally.

Our teacher gave us a quote to use as our focal point throughout the class and while I can’t remember the entire quote (or even find it on Google, thanks Internet) it was about having some quiet time with yourself each day to become more acquainted with yourself. Each day, you should find one thing about yourself that you slowly become more comfortable with. This could be the way you dress, the way you talk, or even the way you react to situations. To me, that doesn’t mean necessarily becoming okay with that part of yourself but merely recognizing it and then deciding what to do with it. Maybe you make hasty decisions on impulse (cough me cough) and you realize that isn’t the right way to handle every situation. As long as you are cognizant of that part of yourself, you can work to improve it.

I’ve been really enjoying getting into yoga the past month or so which is a big deal for me considering I used to be the leader of the pack when it came to talking shit about yoga. I’ve discovered with yoga, I get an exhausting physical workout as well as let my mind take a slight turn out of the constant path it’s always running. I focus so much on the class that I forget about everything else.

Sometimes if I’m lucky, I get so zoned in that I get into something that’s similar to that half dream state you go into when you’re just about to fall asleep or just about to wake up. That happy semi-conscious state where the creative brain finally comes out to play without any worry of judgement, which for me is very hard to get to. So thanks yoga, for making me feel better both physically and mentally.





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