Why Georgia: How I Had A Full Circle Moment in the Middle of a John Mayer Concert


I had a really really really good weekend. Saturday morning I spent running errands and catching up on Tivo in the apartment. Saturday evening I went to see my favorite music man, John Mayer, at the Hollywood Bowl.

Mr. Mayer has been in recovery from his throat condition/surgery for the past year or so, so I didn’t really expect anything over the top (i.e. a super long set or any of the older songs with a wider singing range). I was just ecstatic to see him live since the last time I had seen him was five years ago on the Battle Studies tour. To set the scene a bit, the show was at the Hollywood Bowl which is probably my favorite venue in all of Los Angeles. It’s an outdoor amphitheater in the hills that makes you forget you’re even in LA.

Before I continue, I have to give a little back story. John Mayer is my man. Like, my man when it comes to music. There were many months throughout my life when I was dealing with something where I would only listen to him and nothing but him. I found some sort of intense connection with his lyrics that I didn’t really find in any other artist. I would put him on my record player, lay on the floor with the lights on low and stay there for hours. Sometimes crying if I needed to, sometimes just sitting in silence. I love him so much that I would never want to actually meet him in person for fear of ruining the pedestal I have put him on in my head. There are a few of his older songs that trigger some intense emotions from me but I wasn’t expecting to hear them at this show because of his throat condition. I thought it was going to be mostly the new records.

I am happy to say that I was wrong.

In the middle of the show, John said that the next song he was about to play he had just recently been able to start singing again (this is where I internally start freaking out because I know it’s coming. I just have a gut feeling it’s going to be what I think it is).

Then he starts playing the opening chords to Why Georgia.

Why Georgia, one of my all time favorite songs ever. It’s where I first learned of the term “quarter life crisis” and how to deal with it. I thought I would start instantly crying upon hearing the opening chords so I braced myself, but no tears came. I had this insane rush of calm come over me as he started playing. I sat in my seat in a sea of thousands of people in the middle of Los Angeles and realized I didn’t need to cry. I wasn’t in that head space anymore. I was so much stronger now. I had this amazing full circle moment where I realized I am in such a better place now than I was when I used to listen to that song in my car or in my room or on the floor and cry because I was so confused about what I was doing with my life. I’m still a little confused, I’m not sure that will ever go away, but I’m a lot more at peace with how I go about living my life. So instead of crying, I was able to sit in my seat in the sea of thousands and enjoy hearing one of my all time favorite songs being played live right in front of me.

Throughout the rest of the show he sang Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, I Don’t Trust Myself, Stop This Train and for the encore he busted out Gravity. He was flawless live, his voice sounded stronger than ever and his guitar playing always blows me away.

Thank you John for one of my all time favorite Saturday nights in LA. Thank you for being there for me over the past however many years I’ve spent listening to you. Thank you for allowing me to have a full circle life moment in the middle of your show. Just thanks for making your music that helps me feel like I’m not the only one who sees the world in a certain way and to let me know it’s okay to feel how you’re feeling when you feel it. I love you music man.

John Mayer – Born & Raised Tour – Hollywood Bowl Setlist, October 5, 2013

  1. Queen of California
  2. Wildfire
  3. Half of my Heart
  4. Waiting on the Day
  5. I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
  6. Friend of the Devil (cover)
  7. Why Georgia
  8. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
  9. Stop This Train (solo acoustic)
  10. Driftin Blues (solo acoustic)
  11. Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 (solo acoustic)
  12. Belief
  13. Speak for Me
  14. Something Like Olivia
  15. Dear Marie
  16. If I Ever Get Around To Living
  17. Who Says
  18. Waiting on the World to Change
  19. Edge of Desire
  20. Gravity (encore)

Here are some pictures from the rest of my weekend.


Coffee shop writing

Mayer sign



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