Be A Selfish 20-Something


This is going to be a bit of word vomit so please bear with me. Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve felt that there has been a lot of news of babies, engagements and weddings – which is (usually) always lovely news don’t get me wrong. But for some reason it almost feels like it’s an unusual amount for someone my age. I didn’t think I would be bombarded with baby, engagement and wedding news until I was in my late twenties, early thirties. But I just have this feeling like there are babies and rings popping up everywhere.

Maybe it’s more back home than down in LA. Actually I’m positive it’s more back home than in LA. I just really don’t get why people at home are in such a rush to get married and start poppin out the children. Don’t you want to enjoy being young before you have to take care of another human being?

I can barely take care of myself. I don’t know what I’m doing this weekend let alone how many times a day I would need to feed a child. On top of that, kids wake up at like 4am. FOUR AM. No one should be awake at that hour. The sun isn’t even awake at that hour. Also, I still have a weakness for splurging on things like boots and concert tickets and that money would most likely have to go to boring things like diapers, wedding decorations, scrunchies and/or the open bar that all of my single friends would take full advantage of (the last one is fun obviously but much more fun if you’re a single person).  In conclusion, I’m just too damn selfish right now to want to give all that up.

But the thing is, I should be selfish. This is the one point in our lives as young twenty-somethings where we are allowed to be selfish and do the things we want to do without having to ask mom and dad if it’s okay. You’re finally out on your own, out of the house, playing your bills, paying your rent, doin it all yourself like the “Independent Woman” that Destiny’s Child groomed us to be. If you have a kid or you’re about to get married, you have either a child or a fiancée to answer to. In both of those situations you have another person you have a responsibility to. Right now, the only people I answer to are myself and my yoga studio which I auto-pay for on a monthly basis (so I better go/answer to them to get my money’s worth).

Kids are great, I’m sure being married is great too if you can find someone that’s not a total asshole and half normal. But right now both of those are so far away from my mind that it’s more likely I’ll be able to resolve the government shutdown.

On a far less serious note, enjoy this video of music artists reading mean tweets about themselves. Happy Hump Day.

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