Introducing Sarah’s Rehab House


This weekend, I played home to one of my best friends who is finally recovered after being ill for the past three weeks. All she said is, “I need you to take care of me and bring me back to being a real human again.” Hence, Sarah’s Rehab House was born.

The program at SRH is this: Trader Joe’s meals, yoga, tea, music, movies, writing, sleep, repeat. That’s it. Oh, and maybe some cuddling and dance parties in between.

I had the best time with friends this weekend. I guess I needed a bit of Sarah’s Rehab House too and didn’t even know it. My own personal rehab includes Notting Hill, Love Actually, lots of tea and my best friends smushed next to me on the couch.

Sometimes it takes little moments in the middle of a bigger moment for me to stop and remember how lucky I am to have people like that in my life. People that you can sit and watch Notting Hill and Love Actually back to back with (which is no easy feat let me tell you). Those are the people who are real keepers. Hug them close and never ever ever let them go.




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