Lots of New Music


Today is a really good Tuesday. Why? Because for the first time in a long time, female artists are ruling the iTunes album charts.

iTunes 10/22

We’ve got the Queen herself – Ms. Katy Perry in the #1 spot, Fifth Harmony – adorable girl group from X Factor USA in the #2 spot, Lorde – 16 year old genius child in the #3 and Tori Kelly – a girl I’ve been rooting for, for the past three years in the #4 spot.

Let your ears be happy and take a listen to all of their albums this week. I’ve already bought Fifth Harmony and Tori Kelly, I’ve had Lorde on repeat for the past 3 weeks via Spotify and finally purchased on iTunes. I plan on buying Katy Perry’s album in its physical form sometime this week because I want to look at the little booklet (I know I’m 12 and the only person on the planet who still does that).

Through first listen of all the albums, my favorites so far are:

Katy Perry: Birthday, Unconditionally, International Smile, Love Me, Double Rainbow, It Takes Two


Fifth Harmony: Don’t Wanna Dance Alone, Better Together, Who Are You


Lorde: 400 Lux, Ribs, Glory and Gore, A World Alone


Tori Kelly: Dear No One, Paper Hearts, Daydream


Today is a good day for women in pop music, no matter your preference. Whether it be massive bubblegum pop, tween dance music, hipster alternative or somewhere in between, you have to appreciate the fact that these artists put themselves out there for the world to hear. Let’s give it for the girls today.


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