Halloween Aftermath


Cat Halloween

Halloween was a massive success. I was laying down on the couch by precisely 8:30pm and watched an entire Harry Potter movie plus Scandal before heading to bed. My roommate and I destroyed an entire pizza and a pitcher of apricot margaritas. It might have been the best Halloween I’ve ever had.

While at the office yesterday, I decided to dress up as a cat because any chance to wear my cat ears from my birthday, I take. But guess what? I was the only one to dress up. But you know what, I didn’t even care. I looked adorable and those cat ears are one of the greatest things I’ve ever purchased.

I am also proud to say I came up the idea for our office pumpkin to enter into the contest put on by building management. I give you, Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball. Apparently a few other offices had the same idea but I guarantee they did not throw it together in a record time of 45 minutes – including time to Sharpie the entire pumpkin (because apparently drug and grocery stores don’t carry black paint???) and cut/style a Barbie’s hair into Miley Cyrus (sorry Barbie, you had such a great future ahead of you but you were needed for a greater cause). We didn’t win but I had so much fun being a little creative child at work under a time frame. And since Milez was my idea, they let me bring her home. So she is sitting on my kitchen table and being uber creepy. I laugh every time I look at her.

Wrecking Ball

I hope everyone still reading this post about my g-ma Halloween had a great time at their own Halloween soiree. I am so excited for the weekend, TGIF. Happy Friday everyone.

Gma Halloween

PS I used this photo to end a Facebook battle with my roommate, I win without a doubt amiright? It’s the perfect combination of 300% done, confusion, frustration and the phrase “are you fucking kidding me?”

Chloe disneyland


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