Daylight Savings


I am a huge advocate of daylight savings time. I think it should be year round personally. WHY would we purposely leave ourselves in the dark an extra hour?

This cold weather combined with the daylight savings is totally throwing me off (not to mention Mercury is also in retrograde UGH THE WORST). Being a born and raised California girl, I think I was born with a blood stream adapted to warmer weather. So even when it hits 60 degrees, I feel like I’m freezing to death. It doesn’t really help that I have never really had a wardrobe for colder weather. Sure I have the one token pea coat that I can wear but no one wears pea coats in LA without looking like a moron. My idea of “winter wear” is throwing a pair of tights under my sundresses. Or maybe, if I’m feeling real adventurous, also wearing a pair of long boot socks on top of the tights. WOAH THERE GETTIN CRAZY.

This weather also makes me feel like I should be in bed by 6pm. Darkness means sleepy time, but darkness is now at 4:30 so that’s not going to work.

In conclusion, daylight savings should be year round. Arizona – I do NOT understand why your state does not embrace this idea. Frankly, I think it’s quite stupid that you do not take advantage of the extra hour. Don’t be a Florida now Arizona, no one likes a Florida.

Sweater tight boots

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