Sorry For The Xanga


Today I forgot my computer at home after I spent the night at a friends. So I am attempting to write this on my snazzy iPhone and hoping nothing too weird happens when I try to post it. I love my iPhone but typing more than 2 sentences on it at a time gives me slight anxiety.

I’ve realized the past few posts have sort of read like someone’s 2003 Xanga blog and for that I apologize. I think I’m having a 20-something moment but I’m not quite sure what it is yet. I’m trying to work through it and I will let you know as soon as I do. Or rather, I’ll let this blog know since it’s the vessel to my word vomit.

In conclusion for today, I would like to say I have restored a little bit of faith in the establishment that is Forever 21. I have recently grown to hate Forever 21 as I discovered all of their clothing is built for 11 year old girls with no boobs or hips. But recently I was told to buy their tights as they are cheap and decent, so I did. And this morning when I put them on I was pleasantly surprised. They are actually not see through and not paper thin, so you go Forever 21. Thanks for not being completely useless.


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