Can We Talk About Tights


Tights, a woman’s best friend during the winter when she doesn’t want to squeeze into her jeans and can’t find the energy to shave her legs. (Honestly if you shave your legs in the winter, respect for having the time and energy while the rest of us go au naturale.)

But tights. Finding a good pair of tights is probably just as difficult as finding a good pair of black heels. They can’t be too tight or too loose, they have to be long enough and they have to be sheer without exposing everything. So many things to take into consideration. While I do love my tights, putting them on in the morning is a struggle. Men (excluding the ones who are graceful and beautiful enough to be dancers, massive respect) have no idea what a woman goes through to put on a pair of tights. Trying to pull them on one leg at a time while your legs are virtually immobile, confined to the nonexistent stretch before they are fully on around your waist is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced. The struggle is REAL. Falling over while attempting to put on tights is also real.

We won’t even go into the emotion that happens when you find out you have a snag in your beautiful tights. First sheer panic, then fear, and finally sadness. But my mama bear did teach me a trick when I was younger for fixing a snag, you just put a bit of clear nail polish around the edges and it will stop tearing. So if it’s just a little hole, you might be okay. For the ladies who manage a snag through the entire leg, I’m sorry for your  loss and RIP to your beloved pair of tights.

I’ve found my favorite pairs of black and navy work tights to be Hue that retail at Nordstrom Rack for about $9 a pair which isn’t horrible. For my colored or patterned tights I will usually just hop over to Forever 21. Shocked? Me too. I’ve sworn off Forever 21 for the most part since their clothing is built for 12-year-old girls without boobs or hips but surprisingly their tights are okay. Since I don’t get that much use out of my colored or patterned tights, I’m cool paying $3-$5 for a pair.

Long live the tights. (Don’t be embarrassed if you fall while trying to put yours on, I tripped a bit just this morning putting on mine.)



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